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About Us

                                       We understand that our pets                                        are also a part of our family,                                         and we here at Pettran, we                                         provide a safe and great                                     environment for your pets travel.                         Whether it be to daycare, a visit to                 the hospital, or just a day out to enjoy                 the weather we are here for you 24 hours a           day, 7 days a week. Pets can travel with or                   without their parents,  and our vehicles                      are fully equipped    with ample room   for your pets to roam freely with no cages. All vehicles have airconditioning,

heat, and all our vehicles are handicap accessible and are equipped with ramps and stretchers if needed.

We offer World Wide Shipping (Ground or Air), and a variety of other services for you pet.

           Let us handle all your pets travel needs, whether domestic or international, ground or air. We provide full service travel arrangements so that you don't have to worry. Knowing traveling with your pets can be very time consuming and very uneasy, let us be there to help. We provide the flight reservations, special airport approved travel kennels, and the health certificate needed to travel. We also offer on board nannies to travel

with your pet and provide

comfort while traveling, 

and ensuring your pets

safety are available for

both ground and air